Monday, 3 May 2010

a quiet week

11-20: Life has gone on here with the usual domestic round, combined with watching rather too much election stuff on the tele.

I have been to the gym and am now doing more work with dumbells - which is improving muscles and breathing. I have done a few minor things on the Jaguar and am now waiting for some work to be done on the rubbing strakes before it will be launched. The Southerly is awaiting a survey, so no activity there. And lunch with my children in London on Tuesday. All strangely tiring.

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Mary said...

Lorna... catching up with your blog tonight... I remember reading it earlier in 2009 but obviously didn't read it later in 2009. It reminds me very much of the blog I was writing through Dad's illness. Entire emotional roller coaster - highs - lows - highs... Sounds like things are going well at the moment. I found blogging / journal writing therapeutic and the easier way of keeping everyone updated. Thinking of you a lot today and wanted to say "hi". Love, Mary