Saturday, 22 May 2010

Progress with getting Jaguar ready to go

10-00 hrs: The boat is still out of the water and this is the view from the cockpit. It needs a new rubbing strake and some other minor work. You may be surprised to know that I am being remarkably patient about it. I visit it most days and potter on doing minor things - and putting off the evil hour of doing the anti-fouling. And I have done a lot of wandering around in the sun and grossing out in the cockpit in the sun.

It is quite hard to put words to how I feel - one way to put it is that I feel pretty well - considering. But I am not as full of energy as I make it sound through recording my boating activities. I do find that I need to pace myself so as not to get too exhausted to enjoy myself. I suspect this is why I am being patient about the boat progress - rather than a change of character. The resistance training in the gym is excellent and I try to go three times a week - but I am tired afterwards and do not then dash around as much as it may sound. I think I get a tiny bit fitter each week and dodder around a bit less but also I have slowed down a lot and only notice this when I try to keep up with other people - or keep up with my domestic life and correspondence.

Enjoy the sunshine

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