Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Felixstowe Ferry to Walton Backwaters - via the Deben estuary entrance. Monday July 20th

18-25 hrs: Leaving the Deben - the swirling water and the gravel banks.

I left at 8-00 - too early for my recent lazy life-style and barely had time for breakfast and coffee.

I see why the Deben entrance is treated with respect. Not that it was nasty - but the tide runs fast and if you get it wrong - - - . Not much wind and no surf so I escaped the river unscathed. No wind at all out at sea - and the tide was against me - so had the sails up and used the engine for most of the way, apart from about half an hour at the end. Anchored by 13-00 in the main anchorage along the river. The wind then came up and has not gone down since - typical. I was very tired after this -  and slept well and the anchor dragged about 10 meters.

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