Friday, 23 July 2010

Shotley Marina and Harwich by ferry

19-40 hrs: A 'lay day' hanging out in the marina, the chandler's and Harwich Halfpenny Pier.

All this sailing around does sound very energetic and hardly in keeping with my claims to feel off colour on occasions. Why don't I just stay at home, where I am certainly less challenged in managing breathlessness and indigestion? (Because that is not how I want to live, incase you don't know this).

It seems that I can do things for several hours and keep going to take down sails and the like. Yet afterwards I feel a kind of exhaustion that is hard to describe - not tired exactly - perhaps shaky and I don't feel like eating and feel some queasiness. Nor can I hit the coffee as I seem to have gone off coffee. I am also liable to get extremely breathless - even just moving around the boat. The inhalers  etc relieve it to a small extent - maybe 10%. A rest on the deck aids recovery - preferably in the sun! 

Thus the 'lay day' in Shotley - lunch in the bar - ferry to Harwich to drink tea. A small amount of clearing up - and a visit to the chandlers.

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