Monday, 5 July 2010

lookFar is out over night - - downriver - - and sailed like a dinghy

21-00 hrs: This is as far as I went - you can just see the gravel bars at the mouth of the Deben. And notice the sunshine and the sparkling waves - caused by a lot of wind and a lot of tide (coming into the river at 4 to 5 knots. ) You will notice the usual junk on the side of my boat!

I took the ebb tide downstream (leaving at  the back of 7-00 in the morning to get out of the marina) - and finished running in the new engine. I then moored up for second breakfast - which took a long time as I managed to get the rudder caught on a mooring. Escape involved removing the rudder and steering with the outboard. (Rudder replaced after much thought and effort, and after the tide had stopped running.)

I went out to the mouth of the river to inspect the moorings, the tides and the waves - I then retreated to another mooring upriver for an overnight stay. Today - I sailed off the mooring and sailed most of the way back (one reef to keep her uprightish) - until the wind was on the nose whichever direction the river headed. I also got the keel in the mud when I was tacking a bit too close in. She points rather well and will sail even better when I fix one or two annoyances - but the dinghy-inspired set-ups worked well.

It is much harder to sail here than anything I have done before - and good fun too.

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