Thursday, 22 July 2010

Walton Backwaters to Shotley via some open sea

19-30 hrs: The sea earlier - now snug in Shotley marina - with loos and a shower.

Upped anchor OK at slack water - one reef and full genoa out to sea and up the channel past Harwich. An awsome sail in southerly winds gusting to 23 knots and more - white tops to the waves - but the waves quite small by North East standards. Mostly a broad reach - surfing a little on the waves and then some hard sailing trying to goosewing in shifty winds. A small amount of spray onto the boat - very little into the cockpit. I only really appreciated the wind strength when I turned up into it to take the sails down.  Few hassles getting into the marina lock and the berth - this being a much easier boat to handle than LA Girl. Just as well as I have been exhaused since I got here. Boat speed at best - 5 to 6 knots - which seems very fast for such a small boat.


Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot of fun, though do I detect relief to have access to 'loos and a shower'?! Good to see you seafaring again waves or no waves...

Lorna Scammell said...

Great relief to have a shower - and proper loos are good to have!