Monday, 6 June 2011

a.m. Heavy rain all day and a cold wind - back into winter clothes and off with sandals. I am intending to make a daily entry on the blog - as good discipline for me. Not, I hope, a substitute for writing proper letters (ie emails).
21-00 hrs: Geology group of U3A - last meeting until September. I like geology - I like the stimulus the group gives, but I often find going to a meeting a bit annoying. I also find U3A a bit annoying too.
Went into Ipswich hospital for an Xray after, which did not take very long as oncology xrays are fast-tracked.  (The special xray unit for oncology was merged with the general unit and the deal was that we would not have to wait long.) Usual feeling of unease as I was called before some other people - but also pleased at not having a long wait.

Did nothing of any significance for the rest of the day - dropped into the letting agent to get someone to fix some electricity glitches, had a coffee in Nero's and bought a pair of shorts and a sun hat in the hope of better weather. General feeling of dissatisfaction by the evening.

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