Sunday, 19 June 2011

River walk from the sailing club balcony
Today - the Woodbridge regatta. The river bank and all the open areas adjacent were full of stalls, eateries and people.
Just after the start of the Topper race. The wind got up later.
And there was some racing in sight of the revellers. I did two laps of a big course in the streaker which started after the toppers had finished (I came in after an hour and a quarter as I was tired and also had some equipment failures). The first time I have raced for about three years. The wind was pretty good for about half the time - then dropped. It is very variable here - a lot of gusts and shifts. Various muscles are protesting but I don't feel any worse than I did a few years back.

Aim - to finish one race this season (they do very long races and wonder why more people don't race). (One of the problems of handicap racing due to the need to give the really fast boats a decent length of race which is too long for the slower boats.)

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