Thursday, 30 June 2011

Monday: No haar - I tried another favourite beach. Bawdsey - you can park right by the beach and barely have to move all day, apart from getting an ice cream. I park overlooking the river, roughly at the end of the trees to the left. A great place.
Bawdsey Quay and beach. 
Seen from Lookfar on the visitor's mooring in the Deben, of which more in another post

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Hi Lorna
what a lovely corner of the world to park your boat. Feels like no time since I last read your blog but turns out it's been ages and you've done such a lot. While I've worked eaten slept, worked eaten slept. No wonder the kids' shared ambition is never to be wage slaves. They talk a lot of sense.
Paul's been to Italy and the Normandy beaches this month. Now where would I like to go....
Rhiannon x