Friday, 24 June 2011

The mill pond for the Tidemill seen from the other side of the river. An image from the Frith collection.
Once a historian - always a historian - even if I swear I have said what I had to say. This is the Tidemill Yacht harbour before it was a yacht harbour. It was then a vaste mill pond for the Tidemill corn mill - just visible to the left. An econimic / social / environmental history of the boat yards and havens up and down the river would be nice. (The boat trade and the river Deben - 1800 to 2010)   In our endings are our beginnings. (You won't understand this unless you know that my first book was The Pottery Trade and North Staffordshire, 1660-1760) So have spent a day vaguely thinking about it.  I don't really have the time or energy - - do I?

Have also done the usual trivia and been to the gym and advertised a laser for sale.

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