Monday, 5 November 2012

Dear friends and followers,
There is no easy way to say this but I do want you to know what is going on so I will try to say it as it is with minimal fuss and metaphor.

I have a good Internet connection now through my iPad so can do my own posts and get email (as well as the newspapers).

I had a CAT scan on Friday.  It shows that the cancer has started to grow again pretty aggressively. It has also spread to other essential bits of the innards. This represents some sort of "End Game" . I am currently in the cancer ward and there is a Plan. This is to have some chemo to "push it back" . If this works at all I will get some quality of life (ie will be able to stagger across the room and also look at the mud and river.) if it does not work - - - .

Will keep in touch.

Please do not send cards etc - they clog up the post box at home and there is no room in the ward. Also - as I am not going to get better - please don't send messages about getting better! But email is good and seems to function well - hooray for the Mac.

Thanks you for following and for your good thoughts over the last 3 years - I have really benefitted from these


Sally said...

my thoughts are with you

Pipers said...

And ours xxx

meemee said...

Hope you have some sort of view of the outside world - apart from through the mac screen! Love M x

Ron Kerr said...

We all have enormous admiration for your indomitability.