Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Very tough time.
The chemo has side effects - normally one justs feels a bit out of it. This time, I think because I am weakened anyway, it is horrible. I barely move from my chair and feel pretty ill. It will be worth it if it works at all - but takes a bit of living through. I also find it hard to read or concentrate - so am not even trying. Tougher than anything I have experienced.

The next few days have a different challenge because my immune system will be compromised (as they put it). At least the flat is not full of strange  germs.


Pipers said...

Big hug

meemee said...

Fingers crossed x

JohnnyL said...

Hang in there Lorna! You have many fans, and we're expecting a top-class performance here!

Hugs, my dear,

Paul Salotti said...

All the best, Paul