Sunday, 11 November 2012

I was discharged from Ipswich hospital yesterday. Quite a carry-on because I was supposed to use hospital transport (due to having an oxygen cylinder) but the transport was delayed for hours. So we did it by car in the end.

I am installed at home with a thing to make oxygen that looks like an air conditioning unit- with a long lead so I can move around the flat.

I feel pretty fatigued - beyond anything I have experienced previously. So I sit it out for a while, avoiding germs, until the next lot of chemo - better at home - own loo and a bit of quiet.

I do not have the strength for visits or cards or phone calls - but emails are nice. Xx


Sally said...

Lovely to hear you are home. Must be much much nicer than hospital. My thoughts are with you

Pipers said...

Entering winter season here....extended sailing season ended with 15 at newburn. Not us, we awaiting insurance confirmation for various bits and pieces. Boat house being rewired, things moving on. Gossip..loz and gillian are married, party at the grand, lovely to see the old gang..drew now with two girls, mark now living in the borders, also with two girls.
Can you see water from your window?
Much love xxx

Brandy Snaps are nicer with Mustard said...

Often think of you...
Poor old Raniki is folorn and out of the water, but at least she is being visited and worked on after nearly three years of neglect due to other life events and pressures.
With luck next year will see us back afloat and enjoing the old girl again.

mandy and robert