Friday, 16 November 2012

tachyon rides again - 2012 sailing in the mouth of the river Tyne
I used to own this fireball - I gave it to some young people at Tynemouth saiing club - they used it and then garaged it when their lives led elsewhere. It was recently aquired by two club members, who varnished, repaired and painted it.

I loved this boat and welcome it return to life - much the most exciting boat I have sailed regularly.

This has nothing to do with my present plight - I just find it a life-enhancing picture that brings back good memories and keeps me off self-pity, symptoms and side effects.


Pipers said...

Fantastic x

Adele said...

You'll be amused to hear that Fireball's namesake lives on in ISS too albeit in virtual form these days!! :-) Those boys in ADU just wont give it up and move on... But then, it's still doing the job nicely (alongside Tachyon and Yukon) so why should they? Keep your pecker up, Lorna. What an inspiration you are to us all! With love, Adèle x

Tony McDonald said...

Tony McD here. We wander down to Tynemouth every now and again and I point out the rather grand place I used to live in (cold, windy, but a very nice address) - and not the place you visited! And sometimes we see the Sailing club, and I am always reminded of you then. Your posts have brought wry smiles to my face, and have been inspirational to me.

The university is such a funny place now, no time for getting things right, but we have lots of shiny new buildings - seriously, some are really shiny and can blind you in the morning :)

As one 'mover and shaker' to another - move it,shake it or do both, but smile when you're doing it!

With heaps of Love,
Tony McDonald xx

Titchymichy said...


man woman man! Since you last visited Newcastle I've met an become engaged to a lovely chap (Brian) who regularly sails in Norfolk. I've been a few times now and quite enjoy it.

We sailed a lovely little Jag 27 last year in Greece. I could have quite happily have moved into it and lived on it for the rest of time apart from the fact it didn't have a wardrobe! (no where for my shoes!!).

He co-owns a classic, wooden hulled river cruiser called Modwena. I'm usually left in charge of ropes for the jibsheet, although I hadn't realised how physcial all that pulling is and always come home with brusies and sore arms! Next year I'll spend a bit more time down on the Yare and learn a bit more about looking after the mainsheet, tacking and calling water and all that boaty stuff! I doubt I'll ever be as accomplished a sailor as you mind!

My offical role on the boat is to mix cocktails and make breakfast. The boys are going to build me a cocktail cabinet whilst she is onshore for the winter. I think sailing and cocktails mix rather well :D

I'm glad you have still been able to update us via your blog over the last 3 years - you'd be surprised how many people up here read it with glee to see what shenanigans you have been up to ;-)

It was really great to see you when you were last up. Know that you are still missed and still loved. XXX

Michelle Embleton
Outgoing landlubber