Sunday, 23 December 2012

I got into hospital with the usual delays and frustrations, on Friday. Felt very stressed and ill by I got in.
I was fortuneately spotted by the consultant - who took one look at the fluid build-up and put a draining.  I have to say this is the only bit of efficiency I have seen to date - so a. So a lot of frustrations.

I havE low blood pressure so also feel shaken and immobile.

Today - not good either as I felt more ill than usual. I have had the drain removed - it was about 8 litres yield. Also managed to spill a lot as one bit had not drained.

Altogether horrible. I hope it will moderate in a few days as it did last time.

Thanks again for you emails - I barely have strength to write this so am unlikely to reply. But know I have enjoyed and appreciated them.


Adèle said...

Good to hear from you and well done for managing to keep a dialogue going despite being so poorly! You're a true inspiration to all of us: the strongest woman I've ever known in person!! We are all thinking about you XXX

Pipers said...

My sentiments entirely, enormous inspiration xx

Ron Kerr said...

Our thoughts are with you.

meemee said...

Hope you start to feel a bit of relief soon. Xx

Anonymous said...

Lorna, many from the DYC are thinking about you at Christmas.

drnickisaac said...

Dear Lorna,
I'm writing from Seirian's parents house in west Wales. We've feasted (as instructed by the church) and done all the other usual Christmas activities. The children (now 6 and 4) have been fantastic, especially considering the weeks of ratcheting tension as the build-up intensifies (they've been singing nativity songs at school since early November!). Looking forward to seeing Aidan at New Year: it's a shame we don't see as much of him since we left London. Also, you may be interested to know that YouTheria is about to come out of two years dormancy: I met a bloke from the US who wants to write a pipeline for accessing the database: all I need is a working API. I know this is important but wouldn't know where to start: fortunately I have colleagues who do. Anyway, I wanted to send you our best wishes at Christmas and to say that our thoughts are with you.
Nick & Seirian