Saturday, 15 December 2012

I have been home a few days and find I can manage to walk across the room, get food, go to the loo etc. But most of the time I sit around doing nothing much. Watch the tele - read the newspaper on iPad - send a few messages. I have limited energy so do not do things for very long and cannot read for long either. I am not getting any better - I am just less uncomfortable at home. I have a very good 'helper' who does clearing up and lots of bits and pieces and shopping.

So I mostly feel pretty rough - some times and days better than others. I am not expecting to get any better overall, even when the fluid is drained again. Apparently chemo type treatments would finish me off there and then!

The fluid is building up and will need to be drained again - in about a week to a week and a half.  I am expecting not to stay in hospital so long this time ( ever optimistic) because it will be done before it gets as full as last time.
I even got a tax bill yesterday!

Thanks for emails and comments - I do like them and to hear how people are doing. xx

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