Friday, 7 December 2012

Some slight improvement today - not much to show for it 'tho. I am going to stay here into next week but hope life will feel easier if I am less zapped out by the effects of the fluid.

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Adele said...

Hello. Sounds like you're having a really tough time, Lorna. I hope you begin feel more comfortable soon.

Have spent the last few weeks working in the 'Pimple'! I always think of you when I trudge up & down those bloody steep narrow steps:-) Your office is still there, pretty much unchanged... They've built a kitchen at the bottom of the stairs there now though!! It's great - very convenient. You'd have loved it if it had been there when you were working in there... Cappuccinos on tap :-)

It's cold up here in the North East at the mo - lots of snow on the Cheviots. Was up there on top of Cheviot with JAL on St Andrew's Day - beautiful views - blue skies and snowy hills...sparkling (horizontal!) ice on the fence wires... and the sea just visible in the distance. Really lovely.

Thinking of you, Lorna. Good vibes and virtual hugs sent your way.