Thursday, 7 January 2010

Breathlessness, heart rate and excersise.

11-10: For doing moderate excersise - it is necessary to increase the heart rate. However - I cannot get my heart rate up because I get out of breath before I have done enough excersise to get my heart rate up. I have not seen this mentioned on any of the lung cancer support web sites; maybe it is taken for granted.

The best suggestion I have had about this is from my brother - whose idea is to do specific breathing excersises to increase lung function and capacity, in the expectation of reducing breathlessness. So - back to the web - and after much searching I found three very useful-sounding things to try.
i) Deep 'belly' breathing to practice taking deep breaths.
ii) 'chinese' excersise, which involves taking three short breaths without breathing out and raising the arms at the same time: lower the arms with breathing out.
iii) Take deep breath, hold for five seconds and breath out slowly through a small opening of the mouth.

I am doing the 'chinese' excersise twice a day and the others from time to time. I expect this to take a while to have any effect, and may not deal with breathlessness caused by chemotherapy. But worth a try.

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