Friday, 15 January 2010

trivia - weather - an upward trend again

21-25: One little grebe (dab chick) - a borrowed picture until I can take one - I am feeling better now than at the start of the week and the graph has crept up a bit.

The most annoying and non-trivial thing - my desktop computer refused to work - so a new and shiny model is due for delivery next week. (This is done on my trusty laptop). I lost about an hour's work on one file - amateur!

I really detest the winter - it is not just the wet, dreich weather - or the ice - or the dark nights - or the gas bills - . It is the complete lack of sailing. I can stand it for a while - but this week sees the beginning of me looking longingly at the water - where I belong. Double frustration because no-one has bought my boat yet - perhaps hardly surprising as the marina has been covered in snow.

I saw dab chicks (little grebes) feeding along the Deben in several groups of about ten - they dive and then spring up when they surface - cool. I puzzled over what they were for some time. There are a lot of other birds feeding in the mud as well -
I mention curlew and a shelduck in particular. If it were not wet - it would be nice to walk along the river and watch them.

I have started an earnest attempt to rehabilitate the body through going to the gym. I have had a couple of sessions with the trainer and now have a structured plan - which I have just started and about which I will give detail in another post. This, and the breathing and the stretching, seems to be doing good - I walked faster today than usual, with only a little breathlessness. I actually like doing excersises and going to the gym - or it would not be a viable option!

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