Monday, 11 January 2010

Score over two cycles of chemotherapy

19-20: See Wed: 30th December for definitions of the scores.

Since I started to write this blog - in March 2009 - I have felt that it is easier to write about the bad stuff with a sort of self-deprecating humour. I reject this in theory but in practice feel that I did not manage to convey the darker side of sailing. Nor do I convey the ups and downs of my present life. Mostly I am quite cheerful and (on occasions) happy - which I explain in terms of the pleasures of being alive. Yet if it is to be an honest blog - it has to have the downsides.

One reason for trying to give each day a score is that it gives a sense of the up and down of chemotherapy. This diagram shows I have felt pretty unwell for a few days - since the last lot of chemotherapy. This contrasts with the downs after the previous lot. Why the difference - if I were a historian - I would try to explain it in terms of Xmas and the weather! As it is - - I have no idea - - . I just hope the upturn today continues - - in line with previous cycles.

The snow is melting fast today - so I walked along the river.

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Anonymous said...

like the humour, self-deprecating on not.watching the ups and downs with you, and hoping the up is continuing despite snow, fog, ice etc. Weather for hot chocolate - in a mug with decadent marshmallows
Rhiannon x