Friday, 29 January 2010

the week in Woodbridge

19-45: Yea - another diagram - the black line is a trend line added by Excel. All done now on my new computer - after many a skirmish with drivers and setups: and new versions of software with icons instead of words.

The diagram is supposed to explain why I have not written a log since Sunday. It covers two cycles of chemotherapy and shows peaks just before and for a day after chemo-therapy. Important for this week - it shows a dip after chemo for about a week. (At Xmas this was not so intense and I don't have an explanation for that - maybe my brother looked after me well.) .

The worst side-effect is fatigue, combined with some indigestion and despondancy. Hard to describe - I seem to be able to do things in the morning - but then have to write off the rest of the day. But not an entirely empty week - but it felt uphill and unsatisfying. I paid my tax - did some accounts - went to the gym - wore my new boots for a walk - made a bonfire (inspite of the wet) at the sailing club to rid the boat park of a lot of debris - went to the supermarket - walked past my boat - connected the printer - downloaded some drivers - copied some files from my other computer - went out to a talk about wind farms - and so on.

This sounds pretty gung-ho; I have not felt like that most of the week but found it hard to write the darker feelings as they happen - and when they go - I like to forget them. So don't forget that you are reading a biased version of the whole-Lorna.

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sarah said...

i'd like to just give you a big hug x