Saturday, 6 February 2010

A beach - in sun: and brain stuff

17-45 hours: The shingle beach by Bawdsey - looking towards the River Ore entry. The white dots are the buildings at Shingle Street. I walked along the beach in warm sunshine, but I was wearing three thermals. Back on the footpath - very muddy, so new boots essential. Passed four Martello towers - awsome. I walked five miles - slowly with frequent rests and food/drink inputs.

Heard and saw two skylarks - I have not heard one for years - - .
A very pleasurable day.

I felt better today and yesterday - almost 'normal'. In the last few days I have also found that my brain has rebooted and is willing to do some thinking again - long may this last for many reasons. I have spent time doing work for the U3A in East Suffolk around a web site with their web site team - a team meeting (lasting 3 hours!) and various things I volunteered to check out afterwards. I am even going to set up my laptop to learn new technologies - - um.

But yesterday - chemo again, so the graph will no doubt head down again. But today - think normal.

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meemee said...

skylarks, wow! Haven't heard them for ages, we used to have one nesting in the field behind our house in Hett, I love the sound of them, it's the sound of summer! We don't seem to have one near here in Devon, but I live in hope!