Tuesday, 23 February 2010

downs continue - -

19-30 hrs: The slight improvement reported in my last post has not continued and I spent most of Sunday and Monday asleep - slightly better today. I think this continues to be the side effects of chemotherapy, so I am a bit optimistic that is will wear off. I also blame the weather - lots of heavy rain for days.

I felt so rough on Monday that I bought a TV to watch Dr Who programmes - only to find out that the arial I have here does not produce enough signal to connect to the Freeview in the TV. I have not had a TV for nearly a year. I note that BBC News Online is better than any of the news services on TV.

Later - Wednesday - I checked the post code here as to whether I can get Freeview. Reply -
'Unfortunately, you won't be able to receive any Freeview channels now - -'; I thought you could get Freeview everywhere - I am annoyed by this.

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