Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tynemouth sailing club: thank you

14-05 hrs: There is a yellow bouy off the lighthouse here -(St Mary's lighthouse, Whitley Bay).

There is an annual dinghy race from the mouth of the Tyne to this bouy and back - (note the typical sea conditions in the picture). For some years I was race officer for this race and some people were kind enough to enjoy it and state it was the best race of the year etc etc. They usually said this when the thick, black mist descended (yet they still got back) or the wind got up (and they still got back). The resue fleet (run by the wonderful Red Seal Rescue) also enjoyed it for some reason best known to themselves (they are young). So fun for everyone and terror for the race officer (and the ARO - usually Howard Thomson (known as HT))

Tynemouth Sailing club voted to rename this race the 'Scammell Dash' . I was extremely touched by this recognition and this log entry thanks everyone at TSC for doing this - and for their kind thoughts since I was ill - and thanks HT for enjoying it with me for many years.

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A legacy of the Roller Coaster?