Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 2: Thursday 23rd August: Leaving the Deben and anchoring in the Walton Backwaters.
Leaving the Deben in calm weather at low tide
I left the DEben at low water in calm weather. I followed a few 'old gaffers' down from Ramsholt. (They had been in Tidemill the day before and I know some of the boats.) We caught to end of the ebb tide and the note in my log is ' - - this is how it should be - - '. But it is scary to go out at low water and see the banks of shingle on either side and spreading into the channel. There is also a shallow patch (2.7 M) with disturbed water between a green and red bouy, just as you think you are clear of any nasties. I certainly do not intend to enter or leave the Deben in other than calm weather.
Over the bar in calm weather - glad not to be there in rough weather.
Thereafter - good wind and sunshine. So I headed off to the Walton Backwaters with full mainsail and no engine, going with the wind and the tide. (how it should be - -) and with lots of other boats heading the same way - which was good company.

Having picked my way between more shingle banks into the Backwaters, I anchored in the Hamford river. The wind then got up (over 20 knots) with the forecast for more wind and rain for several days. I spent a long time debating whether to go back to the Deben, whether to go to Shotley or whether to go to Titchmarsh (a nicer marina but further from routes home if I get trapped).

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