Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 1: Wed: August 22nd: Woodbridge downriver to Ramsholt:

View upstream from the mooring to Ramsholt. Such views are one reason why drifting down the Deben is a pleasure
I left as soon as I could get out of theTidemill, limited by depth of incoming tide over the sill - a limitation that controls all sailing into and out of my home port.

I was really nervous - partly I have not been out in Lookfar very often this season - partly the weather is very unreliable and I doubted whether I would like it out of my 'comfort zone'. And even whether I could make the right decisions about whether to stay or go, which one has to do in variable weather. I felt not-very-adventurous and wondered whether I would be better living in the comfort of home and sailing a dinghy.  It is right to feel nervous because the sea and the rivers are dangerous places and need respect, but I was more nervous than normal. 

It was quite windy - gusts to 24 knots. I went downstream against the tide with the genoa unfurled and the iron topsail (ie the engine) on a few revs. I picked up a mooring downstream of  Ramsholt overnight.
The bouy: notice the strong tide.

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