Thursday, 30 August 2012

Overview of the expedition: written Monday 27th at Ramsholt.

In Tidemill 21st August - a family sculling - part of the classic boats / old gaffers meet. They maintain many of the traditional skills, including sculling.
The last few entries are proper 'seaLorna' - although only three days out at sea - the rest is riverLorna.

I wrote this waiting for the tide at Ramsholt on the way back. I wrote in pencil as it was too lumpy to type.

The best thing about being here is that, if I look up, I can see a flock of about 25 avocets feeding along the tide line on the mud bank. Impossible to photograph due to the ups and downs of the baot and the scene is directly into the sun.

When I set off I was aware that I have become stuck in my daily routine - a kind of comfort zone of visiting beaches, drinking tea or coffee in coffee shop and getting fresh food. Being ill over the winter and spring has had more than physical effects - it seems to have posed limitations on living where limitations are not really needed anymore.

I do seem to have stood up to the expedition pretty well, although no long, crazy passages. I am not yet clear how to alter the self-limiting things in life. But I am going off to the Pyrenees next week to visit Rhoda - not a lot of comfort-zone living there I suspect.

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