Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 5: Sunday August 26th: I leave Titchmarsh and return to the Deben. The right choice.
Sailing past Felixstow. Even this does not capture the sea state, which was lump but no huge waves
I left Titchmarsh on a falling tide - to catch a day when there was no rain and some sunshine. There was some wind - up to 25 knots at the Deben entrance and quite lumpy sea between the Bacwaters and the Deben. I did not put the mainsail up, so crossed with just the genoa and the iron topsail.

It was more fun than I expected and I went at a reasonable speed, even with just the genoa. I arrived at low water and wanted a bit more depth and the tide pushing me in. So I hove-to for lunch with just the genoa out. This wa successful although I drifted half a mile with tide and wind.
Entering the river Deben in calm conditions. But the gravel banks and the banks under the water are still impressive and scary.
The sea was not at all lumpy inside the entrance and there was plenty of depth.

I did not head back to Woodbridge because the wind was on the nose and also I fancied an extra day out on the river. Picked up a mooring at Ramsholt at 15-00 and sat around in the sun even when it got rough.

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