Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 3: Friday 24th August: from an anchorage in the Backwaters to Titchmarsh marina due to bad weather.
Classic boats at anchor in Hamford water - I am anchored quite a way upstream from them - new camera has zoom lens!

I did not want to retreat from the anchorage but the forecast was not good from late afternoon and so I booked a berth in Titchmarsh.

Then I went sailing out to sea - a reach out and a reach back for a couple of hours - with all the sails up and no engine. I enjoythe sea. Then into the marina (engine and genoa for ease of manoevering in the confines of the narrow river up to the marina.)

At sea, with waves and classic boats sailing southwards.
I stayed for two nights in the marina and had a carvey meal on the first night.