Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Brid to Spurn Head anchorage

12-30: Left Brid at 5-30 - not my idea of a nice time to be around. There was no wind - but the weather was bright and sunny. Progress was slow - I think the engine does not push the boat along as well as it should (Andy - if you read this - you are right) - I don't know why. There was some tide against us all the way - around 1 knot. Speed was not enough to make sensible progress on such a long passage and by 9-30 it was obvious that we would not make Wells in daylight and that we were already quite tired. So we changed plan to go into Spurn Head and anchor overnight.

From 11-30 Aidan helmed with reefed sails and we tacked down the coast towards Spurn Head - knowing we could best get into the Humber up to 16-00 hours. Tides here are phenomonal - after the tide turned - we were doing 7 to 8 knots over the ground.

Anchored at 15-45. A very lumpy night as the wind got up and the boat lay at rightangles to the waves - but the anchor held.

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