Friday, 15 May 2009

On my way - but not quite

I had no idea that sorting my life out to go away would be so much work. OK - I have done my tax and filed my papers; put stuff away that has littered the house for a year; chased my bills and tenants; and done a lot of things left undone for a long time - but even so - - . My hallway is now piled high with the last things to take to the boat before my car (newly insured but not cleaned) is put into a cosy garage for the summer.

So I am moving towards leaving - except - have you seen the weather forcasts? Lots of easterly winds - cold - rain. And the waves outside my living room crashing onto the rocks and rain lashing the windows - um - this is not what I signed up for! I am going to move onto the boat tomorrow and see what the weather does. I may even do the short hop to Hartlepool - and then to Whitby (which I call plan C because I would rather miss Hartlepool.)

I am VERY nervous about the whole thing - and wondering why I don't live a normal life - -

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