Tuesday, 26 May 2009

to Bridlington from Scarborough

12-10am: We departed suitably late to catch the tide around Flamborough Head - so early on the rising tide that we had only a narrow channel to get out - even with the keel up - touched the bottom - of course. Lots of wind and full sails - with gusts as well - but a good sail without any motoring for most of the way.

Finding a place to moor in Bridlington was difficult and we messed around trying to find somewhere before rafting up next to a Parker 31 - which also has a lifting keel. The downside was that the Parker wanted to go at 5-30am on the next day - on the falling tide. We thought we should try to go at the same time - so we turned in early and actually managed to get going in plenty of time. I did not like Bridlington - but I was tired and feelings influenced by the 5-00am alarm.

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