Saturday, 30 May 2009

I am still in Wells-Next-the-Sea

20-20 pm: I am still here for a number of reasons - it is a nice place and I have not felt like moving on. There is the tide to watch and the coming and going of boats at high tide - as the Toppers going out to sail at high tide to the mouth of the harbour - returning before the flood.

I have also been off colour - mild flu-like symptoms - where lying around not doing much seems the best cure. I got some sore-tummy medicine from the chemists - which did some good - probably placebo effect.

And - the wind has been from the East - it is hard enough to get to Lowestoft with the contrary tides without a wind on the nose for the first part. I was going to wait for a Westerly - but there are no Westerlies forecast in the next couple of weeks.

I feel strangely guilty and apologetic staying for so long - but why not, as I have reasons and plenty of time.

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