Monday, 11 May 2009

Not left yet - but on my way

Last week was one of doing things put off for - in some cases - years. My accounts and tax have gone to the accountants: my garden has been nurtured; my papers are filed - books picked up off the floor. So I am on track to leave next weekend. The tides and weather are not ideal - but the plan is to get away or I shall fester in the marina forever.

I am finding it hard to let go of what I might call 'normal' life.

Plan is to go to Whitby (or Runswick bay if the wind is suitable) and then on to Scarborough. I plan to hang out in Scarborough for a few days and be joined there by Aidan. Then on to Bridlington and the long jump to Wells-Next-the-Sea with a crew to keep lookout and eat my food. Weather permitting. This is a way to avoid the tides and traffic of the Humber - and the tides and sand banks of the Wash. Lines all entered on the charts and waypoints identified.

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