Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Spurn Head to Wells

12-45: Left at 8-30 in bright sun and no wind - but amazing amounts of current out round Spurn Head. It took about an hour to get across the traffic lanes on the approved route - but there was no traffic. There was very little wind all day - so we picked our way down the coast and across the Wash (with a vaste wind farm always in sight) with the engine running in order to get into Wells at high tide. In the late afternoon the wind got up (from almost directly ahead of course) and we had a bit of a sail.

Getting into Wells was like going into another world. The sun was bright and warm. The channel twists and winds its way in and we kept to it although it was high tide. It was Bank holiday Sunday - there were races across the channel, yachts sailing up the channel in an erratic way and a lot of small motor boats - good job I know most of the collision regs: including the one that says to keep out of trouble! And when we get to the quay - yachts were rafting up three deep - so manouvres to find a place.

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