Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bradwell marina

10-30: Getting the anchor up yesterday took a lot of patience. There was a strong tide and wind from the same direction, so I had to ease forward on the motor - rush to the front - pull in a bit of rope - rush back and repeat. Once I had the chain in hand - I drove off into the deeper water of the channel which pulled the anchor out and worked well. This kind of effort is the downside of anchoring.

Sailed in strong (Easterly) wind to Bradwell marina (but with the tide running at 2 knots up the Blackwater) - the sea was quite choppy with short steep waves especially over the shallow parts. I found the entrance to the marina obscure but it was high tide so I got away with going the wrong side of a red post. I also missed the pontoon and had to go round again - perhaps not surprising that I felt a bit tired and cross by the end of it.

Today - very windy again but a little bit of sun. I shall gross out here until the weekend. Probably.

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