Friday, 3 July 2009

Walton Backwaters and anchoring

10-00: I left the comfort of the marina yesterday and I am now anchored a few miles up Hamford Water. The tide has turned (to go out) and the boat has swung round until the tide turns again - or the wind gets up.

I tried to anchor further up the creek at low water yesterday - but it took two goes to get the anchor to bite. Hung out in the sun for a few hours but just as I was thinking of making supper the anchor dragged - indeed it did not merely drag - the boat behaved as if it did not have an anchor out at all. And it would not re-set. And I was being pushed onto a mud bank and dragged upstream rather fast (at least it was not rocks).

Much fiddling with the anchor and much churning of brain cells to figure out how to escape, as I could not bring the anchor in whilst I was more or less aground. In the end I motored to deeper water dragging the anchor - and was then able to pull it in - not easy.

I came back down river and anchored near some other yachts where the holding is said to be better. I am not sure whether to explore another creek when I have the energy to pull up the anchor - or whether to stay put.

Am I mad - why anchor when there are nice comfortable marinas around? Good question - the answer is that there is something magical about being at anchor - especially in a river or estuary. It has some problems - the need to have good batteries and be self-sufficient for a start. I have never had problems with anchors dragging as it did yesterday - so it normally seems very secure although it may not appear so.
I quite like picking up a mooring but often miss - getting hot and bothered - and moorings are less wild and peaceful.

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