Friday, 17 July 2009

I go to Tollesbury marina by way of several mud banks and a nice sail

10-15: Tollesbury marina: the pic shows the creek outside the marina with traditional mud berths. I waited here for water over the sill into the marina - by pushing the nose onto a mud bank. Very windy and a lot of tide - a bit more going aground to get off (I actually used the anchor to hold the nose to the current!). Then a bit of drama getting into the berth as the wind was pushing me onto other boats - a good spectator sport I guess - but some of the spectators were helpful. Very tiring.

On the way here I had a very good sail with two reefs and a broad reach across the Blackwater river.

It looks as if the weather is not suitable for an undramatic crossing of the Thames - southerly winds, too much wind and unpleasant rain are forecast for the next week or so. I will hole up here for a few days to see what happens - I have shore power so can surf and blog to excess.

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