Monday, 27 July 2009

Chalmer and Blackwater Navigation Canal - opened 1797

12-26: here I am in a rural setting alongside the canal bank.

It seems miles from anywhere - but is a couple of miles from a shopping centre and - maybe - an hour's drive from central London. Plenty of mud outside the lock at low water and a variety of boats here - from wonderful renovated smacks to dreadful wrecks. Nice tea room on the sea wall.

The wrong sort of weather - heavy rain and the promise of strong gusts of wind. Needless to say I am going to stay put - but plan to up and off to Burnham on Crouch sometime before the weekend - probably tomorrow at high water - the lock is only opened just before high water.

Even the Vikings were held up by the tide before the battle of Maldon
(thanks to a follower for this information)- the site of which I can see if I stand on the deck.

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