Monday, 20 July 2009

At anchor off Mersea Stone

Updated: July 21st: 8-35am: Mersea Stone is a shingle beach opposite Brightlingsea - lots of tide and the wind has been uncomfortable and it is raining on Tuesday morning.

I left Tollesbury (late due to a minor problem with the electronics - a worrying loose wire somewhere, cured by banging the instrument pod!) at high tide this morning and could not decide where to go. So I went down wind / down tide for a couple of hours and finished up here. Hard place to anchor as it is very steep to and it is desirable to get a close in as possible.

I am disconcerted by the wrong sort of wind for the Thames - but I have promised myself I will not just go - whatever. Every day has some high wind forcast for the rest of the week - or from due south. I have spent too much time worrying about it and need to think out an alternative plan.

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