Friday, 31 July 2009

I leave Heybridge and am now in Burnham

16-10: One final picture of Heybridge basin as I lock out this morning - I enjoyed being there even tho' I was ill for some of the time (BTW - I feel better if not totally recovered - but I have just done a 35 mile passage requiring some navigation (I mean sandbank-avoidance!)).

I am now in Burnham-on-Crouch Yacht Harbour - another nice place.

There was no wind this morning, but I left the Blackwater on the ebbing tide. I then took a short cut over some sand banks and JUST managed it - with the keel fully up and all the alarms telling me the water was too shallow. The wind got up enough to sail a reach into the Crouch.

Burnham seems a strange mixture of some very decrepid-looking boats and some ordinary boats and some very new - racey boats: strange because I had expected a few old designs and a lot of new stuff as this is (or maybe was) one of the great centres for sailing. I am here for a few days so will probably find out more - -.

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