Monday, 27 July 2009

Hideous developments

14-50: the notice says it about a proposal for lock-side development at Heybridge basin.

To which I add that it is unspeakably awful how insensitive developments have been allowed in some traditional places along this coast. Perhaps large and hideous flats (often bought as second homes or as 'buy-to-let' at unaffordable rents) are alright in large towns - Lowestoft / Walton for example. But not in villages like Heybridge (and also Brightlingsea).

Here every house in the village has this notice - I hope the planning authority gives a NO - and the developer goes elsewhere. I might add that a few small cottages on the site - to match the original 18th century ones - would be better than derelict sheds. I suppose someone makes loadsa-money from it - there can be no other reason.

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