Monday, 23 May 2011

Week in Woodbridge 1

From Bawdsey beach - looking upstream across the Deben to Felixstow Ferry;
sea kale in flower in the foreground
20-50 hrs: I do not expect this week to be typical - for one thing there is more wind and sun forecast than usual. And I plan to do more sailing things than usual.

Monday - to the gym (geology group not meeting today) and then packed a load of beach-survival-things to go to the beach to look at the waves and gravel. But a lot of fussing around the flat - clearing the gear from being on rescue yesterday, filing papers, answering a couple of emails. I make it out eventually and go to the shops on the way  to Bawdsey Quay, (about 8 miles away) where I park the car overlooking the river - eat - drink coffee - watch the waves - usual things. Both an early and a late lunch.

Eventually walked out to the beach along the footpath - put on a lot of clothes due to strong and cold wind. The waves in the river almost show in the picture. Took pictures of sea kale, gravel, waves and a few plants. Collected two kilo of gravel for an experiment (of which more later - but probably unsuccessful). Returned to the car and grossed out in the tea room. Then back to Woodbridge. 

Nothing much since apart from eating a small supper (due to a lot of eating during the day) and doing some editing on the U3A website - it needs to be done asap.

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