Wednesday, 11 May 2011

my streaker and DYC dinghy park
16-00 hrs: I have not forgotten you all - or how to capsize. (Last time I capsized - maybe three years ago). I went streaking a couple of times and finished up being tipped into the river by a mooring yesterday.  Righted the boat without trouble but then found - - - I could not get back into it. Much effort and use of the safety cover got me ashore eventually. And note this - you sailors in the North - it was like falling into a bath - it was not really cold at all (I had three thermals, a watertight jacket and short wetsuit). Fun - fun - fun. I now need to make a ladder to get myself aboard and do a lot more dinghy sailing - I had forgotten what pleasure it is - -

Life here is sunny and windy, - shorts/tee shirt weather. The battallions of  side effects are under control, I have sat around on the beach and done nice things. I also have had (including the capsize) epic sailing in the streaker. Lookfar is waiting the be lifted by the big crane and I have done a few improvements to the rigging. I have mostly kept out of trouble.


sarah said...

Sounds great fun...Neal and I did our first Wed tonight and dropped it in on a gybe before the start and boy was it cold. Won though xxx

Sarah said...

Neal and I dropped the Ent in on a jybe on Wed, freezing. Took mnew Miracle out in streong winds today so kids left on shore, great fun x

Gerry said...

Hey Lorna,

Good to hear your getting out in the streaker :) Wednesdays are kicking off down here (and i managed to throw Lorry in the other day... he was not impressed and it was certainly colder than you are having by the sounds of it)

Will hopefully catch up soon, Much love from all of us up North!