Friday, 27 May 2011

Week in Woodbridge 5

The central part of Woodbridge - covering my normal stamping grounds.
The sailing club is just off the map, downstream  to the left.
Copyright  John Roberts, Top Floor Studio, Woodbridge.
a.m. The gym before anything else - usual beneficial effect on well-being. Indigestion all night due to eating too much too late yesterday - dodgy digestion came back during the day from time to time - proof that side-effects need to be respected.

And the rest of the day - did things at home, cycled to the Tidemill (to get some screws from the boat and also had a pleasant chat with a boat owner who has just moved here) - then to the sailmakers (to get some rope for righting lines) and to the shops (for food). Back home - lots of minor domestic things and a few emails. Also took an hour and a half (and two drills) to drill two holes in the Streaker's rudder so that I can fit a better way to hold the rudder down and also get it up in shallow water. Nothing dramatic - and very little  stirring of the mud

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