Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Week in Woodbridge 3

a.m. Not sure how to spend the day - sunshine forecast so am temped by the beach. In the end - decide I need to recoup strength, so go to the gym and plan to do useful things in the sun. The gym - a life-saver and an important part of my life here; I try to go every other day. I do a varied routine of resistance training using free weights which normally takes about an hour to an hour and a quarter. At the moment I am gradually increasing the range of what I do and the weights I use, so it also confirms my general well-being or otherwise.

But some unease inside - two years ago I ran away to sea but only got as far as Woodbridge. I did intend to go much further and have to be careful not to rage that it has not been possible. Why not rage? - good question - I feel that I have landed up somewhere with a better lifestyle than I had before - interesting sailing, different boats and two bathrooms - so I would not be respecting my life if I did too much weeping and gnashing of teeth. But - - - -

21-30: I have spent the whole day doing various small things - mostly in the sun - and (probably) avoiding doing some writing. It is often thus. All the trivia - including putting out the rubbish, mending a sail, looking at boats,cooking a batch of fish pies, buying things and gossiping to various people about all sorts of things like how to make vegetable stock out of broad bean and pea shells. But I did put in two hours on the U3A web site updating a lot of articles about interest groups.

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