Thursday, 26 May 2011

Week in Woodbridge 4

a.m. Today we have - - things to do to put off the hour of writing documents. Easier because the weather is overcast and cold, so I am not tempted to go out into the sun. A pleasant morning writing letters and surfing the web for dinghy goodies.This day two years ago I had arrived in Wells. I still feel - what is the word - disturbed at not living that life anymore - like mud at the bottom of a pool being disturbed if prodded. Maybe I will buy some dinghy goodies as consolation - - -which I did. And spent the afternoon mooching in the shops and avoiding heavy rain showers. 
Start of evening race seen from the clubhouse - just after the start gun.
The start line is the two white dots on the far bank and the fleet are heading into the wind and current - so is there a reason for being shy of the line?
 Evening racing - I thought it would be too windy so did not take my gear. Spent the rest of the evening eating and looking at rigging on streakers.

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