Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Week in Woodbridge 2

the beach with pebbles and waves: to cheer me up
21.15: Tuesday - a different day - reaction to several busy days. A lot of sun and a cold wind. 
Slept badly and got up feeling feeble and continued to feel out of sorts all day. I got to the marina for 9-00 in order to give Richard some bits of boat to be collected by a rigger. Then did nothing and dozed fitfully in the cockpit but I did sort out the boot of the car to leave room for picnic things for beach visits. Got home for lunch - watched a bit of TV - lazed around and did nothing.

I intended to sail the streaker in the evening - so I went to the sailing club with my gear at 17-00 but I really did not feel like it. I did help someone rig their boat and mend a small gash in my sail. Had some coffee and a wee chat and came home. Watched TV whilst I made and ate supper. Relunctant to go to bed incase I don't sleep and cannot be bothered to do any web work or documentation. So it is not all rush-around in Woodbridge.

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