Friday, 20 May 2011

The keel - and the gasket. Note the runners at the top and the blue tape

The slot. The blue tape is used to wind it up.
The marks of the runners show along the edge of the hole.
There is a fitting to go into the grotty part.
13-15 hrs: Good stuff. The keel is back in having been checked over and some re-furbishment done. There was a lot more to doing this than a simple statement suggests. And Richard did some cool crane-driving to position the boat to get the keel back in - and the staff did a lot of positioning of the keel as well. More to it than meets the eye. I did not have my camera on me when it happened - - - .

Now - a new slot gasket which means another ride on the crane - probably middle of next week.

I will also tell you in another post what stops it falling out of the bottom of the boat other than the blue tape.

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Bursledon Blogger said...

As I remember (it was 20 years ago) on my Jag 21 there was a 1" diameter stainless steel shaft - it fitted through hole in the keel box - as I recall there were two holes through the keel on in the up and one in down position - the stainless shaft took the weight off the strap-