Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another day - another place to have to anchor

20-20 pm:
The weather and surf has kept me in Wells. I tried to leave at 14-00 (two hours before high tide) - made my way down the channel and then saw the surf on the bar. I decided to anchor instead of going back - and try again tomorrow. I noticed a small area behind a spit of shingle - opposite the Lifeboat House - so there I am - with better reception on the Net than in harbour.

The weather looks much the same for tomorrow - I will probably investigate and stay at anchor; there have been northerlies for some days - so I suspect the bar will not improve until the wind really drops.

Sigh - at least I have moved.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna, this is David from Cariad. Now which bit of enjoy your time in Wells and dont rush off didnt you understand! Wait till the weather turns in your favour which it will eventually and in the meantime relax and enjoy yourself. It is no fun sailing the East Coast with a NE blowing, never mind what anyone else says and what you think other people may be thinking!The direction will change eventually and just make the most of the time you have in Wells - it is all part of the fun of sailing! If you want me to crew just drop us an email We enjoy reading your updates of here so keep it up!